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The Power of Subject Matter Experts

We’re more than just thought leaders in consulting —we put ideas into action. 

Can you remember listening to a conversation and writing down an array of acronyms and words because you didn’t know their meaning? Have you spoken to someone using jargon, but they don’t understand you? In either situation, there is a knowledge gap. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are the solution to this problem! Seeking the support of a SME means continuing your work without having to educate that person—essentially, they have the same level of understanding on the subject as you.

However, when choosing a SME to work with, there are a few things to consider.

Not All Subject Matter Experts Are Created Equal 

For SMEs to bring value to a project, from our experience, clients should look for the following:

  • Deep Understanding: When we refer to SMEs, we expect them to be able to drop into a project at any stage and apply their knowledge. They understand the functions, processes, technology, equipment, environment, and people.
  • Application Awareness: By applying their know-how, they will fuel the right people with the necessary tools, resources, and processes.
  • Sustainability Focused: The power of deploying an SME comes with its ability to empower. Our consultants are exceptional knowledge sharers. This helps develop sustainability and helps clients perform long-term and accelerate progress.

Gearing Up Our Clients with the Best Solutions

We can provide immediate support to clients because we create teams outfitted with SMEs and experienced project managers. We have the Subject Matter Experts needed in a variety of government spaces, including:

  • Child Welfare: Our nationally recognized Subject Matter Experts are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families.
  • Health and Medicaid: Navigating these complex systems can pose challenges, but we have the know-how to create sustainable solutions.
  • Child Support: Our deep understanding of local, regional, and state service delivery systems help our clients make a lasting positive impact.
  • PK Learning: We create custom learning solutions that address your organization’s unique needs.

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