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Learn more about Family-Centered Distribution in the April Issue of the NCSEA Child Support CommuniQue

A child support policy expert weighs in on the complexity of child support distribution rules.

Child Support Industry Director Elizabeth Morgan is an author in the April issue of the National Child Support Enforcement Association’s Child Support CommuniQue, sharing the impact of family-centered distribution and the history and issues of Federal Tax Refund Offset collections. Elizabeth is a national expert on child support distribution policy issues and the effect of distribution policy choices on families, with over 35 years of experience in the child support program.  

The Child Support Program is Evolving 

In the last 25 years, the child support program has shifted its focus to supporting the entire family rather than serving in a cost recovery role for cash assistance programs. Family-centered distribution policies and new child support-led employment programs for parents who pay support reflect these changes. 

Family-Centered Distribution of Federal Tax Refund Offset Collections: Why Distribution Policy Selection is Key

Elizabeth’s article discusses: 

  • The history of the distribution rules around Federal Tax Refund Offset (FTRO) collections.  
  • The impact of distribution policy choices on families served by the child support program.  
  • The issues around FTRO collections and joint tax returns in states electing to implement family-centered distribution of FTRO collections. 

Our Extensive Child Support Program Expertise Can Help

Experts at Public Knowledge® provide significant insight into complex child support matters, including distribution, intergovernmental case processing, and developing family-centered strategies and services. The extensive child support subject matter expertise at Public Knowledge® helps our clients implement transformative change for families all over the United States.  

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