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Public Knowledge® Successfully Supports Wyoming Office of Homeland Security  

Our ability to work with diverse stakeholders helps us better serve our clients in navigating difficult situations. 

When implementing any type of change within your agency, regardless of the size, having your people’s needs in mind is vital for success. Nicole, Alli, and Sara from Public Knowledge® successfully worked with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security

Make Decisions with Confidence 

Any project needs a plan in place to be successful. Effective strategic planning provides your organization with clear actions and defined timelines to set you up for success. Public Knowledge® is your trusted partner in the process, providing confidence in your direction. That means we believe in an approach that positions your agency to be successful long after our interaction is over. We partnered with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, and we would love to do the same for you.

“Public Knowledge® has been a tremendous partner for our agency. Their vast experience with public entities is invaluable and allows them to guide groups through tough interactions with ease. They are so flexible and have the ability to adjust on the spot to the needs of any group – a great group of professionals to work with!” 

Lynn Budd, Director, Homeland Security Advisor

Strategic, Effective Meetings 

Maximizing productivity in meetings inside and outside your organization begins with proper facilitation. Our meeting design and facilitation guidance help leaders pinpoint clear goals, reach desired outcomes, and ensure the right people are in attendance. Increasing the effectiveness and follow-through of these meetings leads to better decision-making. Additionally, our firm uses an inclusive and engaging facilitation method to support better outcomes.  

We Hear You

We approach every interaction and project with our clients with an open mind. Our ultimate goal is to intently listen to the problem you are having, and work together to find a solution that is the right fit for your organization. While we strive to be thought leaders, we have the ability and experience to take effective action to execute your vision.  

Work with a Firm Specializing in the People Side of Change 

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