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Public Knowledge® Senior Marketer Proudly Serves as Faculty for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Institute

Each management consultant and professional at Public Knowledge® has vast experience that helps enrich their fields.

Stephanie Meisner-Maggard is the Marketing Director at Public Knowledge® and a former Chamber of Commerce Executive. Her passion and primary expertise reside in marketing, and she embraces one of PK’s core values, “knowledge sharing,” by serving as a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Institute Faculty Member. Stephanie taught two courses at the Centennial Institute in Athens, Georgia, “Using Data to Grow and Sustain Your Organization” and “Events – Strategy and Operations.” Both center around her passion for helping organizations thrive when using intentional marketing methods.

Stephanie Meisner, Marketing Director
Stephanie Meisner-Maggard is the Marketing Director at Public Knowledge®

Unique to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Institute is attendees are vast and not exclusively Chambers of Commerce. Many of the executives who attend the Institute to receive the Institute of Organization Management designation are associations and non-profits around the nation. Public Knowledge regularly works with associations nationwide, from serving as board of directors members and leaders to attending association-organized conferences to collaborating to serve clients best.

Both topics covered by Stephanie had a broad focus on the importance of resiliency and agility. These themes were essential to discuss because of the last few years experienced due to the pandemic. Here are two key takeaways from the lessons:

Use data captured to drive decisions.

There is an overabundance of data captured, but what good does it do if we are not making decisions using the data? Focus on converting your data into useful information directly related to the key performance indicators you wish to steer your activities.

Events are a core way to build loyalty and retention among your networks.

As humans, we crave connection. You can see this as far back as ancient civilizations that created events and gatherings. By design, they incorporated in their religious and governing practices events for shared experiences. If you are not creating an attendee journey map with intentional moments of connection, you are missing out. You can build loyalty, retention, referrals, and traditions all through this methodology. Which, in turn, will impact your bottom line.

Want to Learn More?

Feel free to contact Stephanie by email at She would be happy to visit with you further on these topics and provide you with resources as desired.

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