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A Mindful Onboarding and Retention Process  

Our intentional approach to hiring and retention means quality consultants well-suited for the role. 

Hiring at Public Knowledge® is a process that goes beyond filling an open position. By taking the proper time to recruit and hire the right people, we ensure that we maintain the quality of service our clients expect. These same principles we have deployed within our firm can help you develop the best possible culture for optimal performance.

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Value-Focused Recruiting  

Regarding recruitment, we search for people who align with our core values at Public Knowledge® (PK). For those who value inclusion, teamwork, and impact, it is a great starting point to gauge interest in joining our team.

A Comprehensive Onboarding Process  

When starting a new position at a new company, we understand the many questions that flood our minds. Our thorough onboarding process is designed to prepare new hires with the right information and guidance to ensure it is not an overwhelming process. Our ultimate goal is to supply exposure to our terminology, resources, and people, in hopes to tool our new employees with the information they need to get help and information. A few of the ways we set up our people for success at the start of their employment at PK include:  

  • Individual onboarding and training with IT to make sure they have the right equipment and understanding of the programs and software we use.  
  • A new Employee Cohort, consisting of others hired on in a similar timeframe, provides a comprehensive understanding of who we are and what we do, serving as a safe place to ask questions. 
  • Individual onboarding with HR and Operations Administrator. 

Prioritizing Retention and Development  

Our investment and intention with our people do not stop at the onboarding phase. We want everyone to feel valued, connected, and have continuous growth opportunities. Our firm consists of lifelong learners, and we help each other grow through feedback, knowledge sharing, and professional development. PK always wants to position our people for success and ensures you are doing work that excites you! 

Making Lasting Connections 

While it is always sad to see our people go, we are always happy to see people grow and take on new opportunities. Becoming alumni is an extension of the PK experience; whether you want to come back sometime in the future or refer friends and family, we always want to stay in touch to see how you are doing.  

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