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ToP Facilitation Methods Training Creates Inclusive Environments

Creating a collaborative, effective approach to our projects.

The Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitation Methods Training equips individuals with facilitation skills and techniques to effectively lead groups, foster collaboration, and achieve desired outcomes. The ToP approach to facilitation is widely recognized and utilized by facilitators, consultants, trainers, and leaders around the world. Public Knowledge® (PK) Management Consultants Matt Sautter and Camilla Johnston are trained in ToP Facilitation techniques.

“True facilitation requires listening attentively and posing the right questions at the right time. These skills enable facilitators to foster collaboration, encourage critical thinking, and unlock the strengths of a group.”

Matt Sautter, Management Consultant

Why Work with ToP Facilitation Methods Trained Consultants?

An Inclusive and Participatory Approach

ToP Facilitation Methods Training prioritizes inclusivity, active participation, and collective decision-making. By including these methods with our clients, it helps us to create safe and engaging environments. This ensures voices are heard, diverse perspectives are valued, and contributions are appreciated. Additionally, it makes sure that teams and stakeholders feel included, empowered, and invested in the process, leading to increased ownership and commitment to the outcomes.

Skilled Facilitation

Obtaining ToP facilitation methods means Matt and Camilla have expertise in facilitating discussions, managing group dynamics, and encouraging participation. These skills allow them to lead all aspects of projects efficiently.

Fostering a Collaborative Atmosphere

At PK, teamwork is one of our values. That is why we make it a priority to work together a foster a collaborative atmosphere for both our colleagues and our clients. ToP facilitation methods allow us to draw from proven methods and techniques for leading effective group processes, fostering collaboration, and achieving desired outcomes.

Consensus Building and Conflict Resolution

We value all voices at the table. This can also lead to disagreements; however, we like to view this as an opportunity to grow and learn from one another. ToP facilitators have the training to build consensus and resolve conflicts within groups. They have the skills to guide discussions, identify areas of agreement, and facilitate constructive dialogue even in challenging situations.

Our Commitment to Growth

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