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Public Knowledge® Kicks Off National Campaign Discussing Harms of ASFA

Together, we can create a better child welfare system.

Family Integrity & Justice Works (FIJW) at Public Knowledge® hosted a kick-off national webinar, The Harm of ASFA, on November 2, 2022. Serving as a national call to action, this free national webinar featured a panel of experts with lived expertise and advocates from across the United States.

First Installment of the National Campaign

This served as the kick-off to a larger effort hosted by Children’s Rights. Next, on November 15th, Children’s Rights will hold a panel event featuring the voices of impacted individuals. Finally, there will be an event focusing on legislative reform in December. The campaign events will feature the voices of national experts and advocates from across the U.S.

Featured Speakers Partners for the National Webinar
Vivek Sankaran
Shrounda Selivanoff
Jerry Milner
Kathleen Creamer
Children’s Rights
The Center for the Study of Social Policy
The Family Justice Group, LLC
The National Association of Counsel for Children
United Family Advocates

Based On Our Inaugural Issue of the Family Integrity & Justice Quarterly

Our mission with the FIJ Quarterly is to elevate the voices of those with lived expertise. The inaugural issue of this free digital publication centers around the harm done to families through separation through ASFA. Over 20 years later, this topic is still as relevant as ever. To explore more about the topic and hear from the authors, we encourage you to read the issue of the FIJ Quarterly.

Learn More About FIJW

Family Integrity & Justice Works at Public Knowledge® focuses on the replacement of the child welfare system. Coming together to promote justice, we see a bright future where families have the support they need without bias, judgment, or fear of separation. We’re proposing a radical change in a way that’s never been done before.

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