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Our child welfare consultants are nationally respected subject matter experts and authorities in a variety of areas including child safety and risk, preventing foster care placements, successful interventions to achieve reunification, effective social service delivery, child welfare practice model development, and implementation support.

We use evidence to drive fiscal and financial decisions to improve outcomes for children and families. Our goal is Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) tracked through measurable targets.

We partner with state, local, federal, and private agencies to improve outcomes for child welfare staff and families. Our services take deliberate steps to produce change that lasts and is transformative for families and communities. We help organizations design and implement effective strategies to improve service delivery for children and families. With our unmatched expertise in federal Child and Family Service Reviews (CFSR) and Program Improvement Plan (PIP) processes, we bring together skills, familiarity, and effective methodologies for working through CFSR-related issues.

“We look forward to working with Public Knowledge® to bring meaningful improvements in supervision and accountability to our child welfare and social services systems and ensure that North Carolinians receive the services they need.”

Michael Becketts, North Carolina DHHS Assistant Secretary for Human Services, North Carolina Department of Health Human Services’ Division of Social Services.

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We created a Community of Practice specifically to develop an overarching child welfare vision and plans for improvement.

To help drive this vision nationally is the Family Integrity & Justice Works at PK.

Child Welfare Resources

Family Integrity & Justice Works (FIJW) will advance child and family well-being by replacing harmful child welfare approaches with efforts to support families in just and equitable ways.

The work will focus on replacing the current child welfare system instead of improving existing systems that were never designed to support families. The Family Integrity & Justice Works will participate in efforts to end family and racial injustice in child welfare; partner with like-minded public, private, local, and other entities to strengthen their strategies; and serve as a national thought leader, specialized technical assistance provider, and communication conduit for radically replacing the current system with family fortifying and healing approaches.

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A Message from FIJW

Our passion is reforming the Child Welfare system, replacing its harmful practices with community-based supports. We work towards implementing foundational changes that improve the lives of children and their families.

Elevating Lived Expertise

Alexandra, an impacted parent, shares the extensive hardships her family faced because of the punitive and harmful practices of ASFA. Repealing legislation causing harm to families across the United States aligns with our Child Welfare Vision and Strategy.

The Healing Circle

Countless families endure trauma because of ASFA. These women share their lived expertise, shining a light on why it is essential to shift towards family preserving measures within the Child Welfare system.

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