PK IMPACT Leadership™

Our comprehensive workshop for leaders that provides you knowledge, skills, and tools in six essential areas.

Organizations investing in the PK IMPACT Leadership™ workshop will see an improved organizational culture that lives well beyond one individual leader or one workshop. 

Leaders will gain greater expertise in multiple important areas:

  • Building diverse, high-trust teams
  • Cultivating empathy, solving problems, and being innovative in an ever-changing environment
  • Developing organizational clarity
  • Becoming a more self-aware and authentic leader
  • Supporting and building teams to accomplish organizational goals
  • Facilitating processes for team-based decision-making

What Will Participants Learn from PK IMPACT™?

Prioritizing Inclusive Work Environments

Our model prioritizes inclusive work environments because they are the ground from which your individuals and teams will flourish and become the foundation for creative, collaborative work.

Practicing Mindfulness and Connection

Practicing mindfulness means being aware of personal thoughts, reactions, and emotions so that interactions with others are honest but attentive to their needs, spoken or unspoken.

Innovate New Strategies

In this learning, our facilitation skills demonstrate to participants how guided conversations can encourage creativity and innovation and identify goals and strategies.

Create and Define Your Organizational Purpose Work Environments

Guided conversations and brainstorming can winnow unassembled organizational directives into a strong purpose and strategic direction.

Developing, Supporting, and Coaching People

Organizations depend on intelligent, successful leadership development for continued growth and sustainability.

Empowering Well-equipped Leaders

We equip our leaders using intensive workshops that build tools, structures, and systems to develop their confidence and effectiveness.

Planning for and Communicating Change

Leadership is an essential element of managing organizational change. If leaders can plan for change and broadcast that they are advocates for planned changes, their likelihood of successful change is increased.

Building High-functioning Teams

Most decisions are not made by an individual in a vacuum. Decisions are made best in teams. But consensus decision-making takes time and should be reserved for when there is a lot of data, or the decision is complex and requires buy-in.

Support Aligned Structures

We offer support for leaders to strengthen organizational resources by aligning them. This means that goals are defined and priorities established.

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