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Manage the Procurement Journey

E-procurement systems help you manage the process, from solicitation development to contract administration.

Transitioning to an e-procurement system can help your agency operate and communicate more effectively. Agencies that take this approach experience benefits like reduced costs, easier report analysis, more transparent spending, increased transaction speed, centralized buying for better decision-making, and many others.

These systems increase productivity in public sector agencies that manage a variety of activities and programs, and a standardized system can help reduce errors along the way. Additionally, these systems can supply historical data and insight into previous performance to make sure objections are rightly placed and addressed during the procurement process. This can be a game-changer throughout the procurement process, alerting purchasers of potential vendor advantages or concerns.

If you are new to e-procurement or looking to make the transition, we used our decades of experience to compile some essential system features.

  • Supplier management, reverse auctions, and electronic catalogs
  • A link to government accounting systems with automated electronic invoicing, evaluated receipt settlement, and accounts payable processes
  • Online supplier registration, electronic solicitation posting and distribution, email solicitation notification, electronic bidding, tabulations and awards posting, online auctions, and electronic purchase orders

In addition to helping you find the right e-procurement system, we can use our extensive change management experience to help your agency transition to the new system. We understand what teams need to make this change successfully, and we believe in putting the work in on the front end to set our clients up for success.

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