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MMIS as a Service: Don’t Leave Your People Behind

We know states are currently exploring options for Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS).

Options for states include:

  • Keeping their current MMIS and fiscal agent provider
  • Procuring a takeover vendor to operate the current MMIS
  • Procuring a new MMIS in the traditional model
  • Partnering with another state to use their MMIS or procure a system together
  • Implementing multiple commercial, off-the shelf (COTS) solutions
  • Procuring in the new model – MMIS as a Service

In exploring options and implementing these systems there are two “sides” to success: getting the system ready for the people and getting the people ready for the system.

“Getting the system ready” is the technical work: requirements, procurement, design, coding, testing, etc.

“Getting the people ready” involves some softer skills and work: policy, procedures, organizational structure, job descriptions, coaching, training, communications, etc.

Too often projects focus on the former and forget or are too busy for the latter. They pay a price for this with unhappy people and a troubled implementation (and even failure!).

Organizational change management (OCM) addresses the “get the people ready for the system” side of a successful project. It is used to prepare end-users and stakeholders for change. They need this preparation no matter which alternative you choose. In the new MMIS as a Service model in particular, your people will likely be working in unfamiliar territory. They will be feeling uncertain or unsettled about their role. They will not understand what the new model means to them, their clients, their organization, or their other stakeholders. They won’t know the policies, procedures, and structure they need to to be successful at work. They will need assistance to navigate change. Don’t leave your people behind. Public Knowledge® management consultants are experienced and credentialed in performing OCM for an MMIS and can make sure your project doesn’t leave your people behind.

Public Knowledge® helps clients procure and implement MMIS systems. We are currently assisting multiple states in evaluating their options for an MMIS and planning for the impacts that it will have on their “people”. We are leading the charge to redefine MMIS as a Service.

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