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Procurement Staff Development

Procurement staff development yields great results.

Procurement staff development is a wise investment. Leading public procurement agencies are raising the level of professional development offered to employees through training, certification, and adoption of clearly defined standards.

Prepare your workforce for tomorrow

85 % of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented.

According to a recent study by Dell Technologies

This adds a level of uncertainty that can make workforce planning difficult. However, investing in professional development will help your staff rise to the occasion. Also, by hiring and investing in lifelong learners, you can keep up with the rapidly changing environment.

Invest in your employees’ knowledge

Investing in procurement staff development can have a direct impact on your agency’s effectiveness and efficiency. Ongoing training helps your employees sharpen their skills and build confidence in everyday performance. Employee decisions directly affect how taxpayer funds are spent, and their actions can be the difference between meeting objectives or being swallowed by budget shortfalls.

Before you invest in training, here are some things to consider:

What are your training goals?

  • Clearly define and document your expectations and desired outcomes.

What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you hope employees will gain?

  • Take the time to communicate this to your staff.

How can you help employees apply the lessons?

How can you build on past learning and work experience?

  • Invest in training that advances, rather than maintain knowledge.

What is the best timing for the training?

  • Offer training when employees can give it their undivided attention.

How will you help your employees invest their time and energy in training?

  • Consider reducing workloads to position them for learning success.

How can you help participants communicate the lessons learned to your full team?

  • Increase the impact and application of information by dedicating staff meeting time to knowledge-sharing opportunities.

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