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How to be fully prepared for a new IT System

When you think about implementing a new IT system, the focus is on getting the system ready for the people. However, for thorough adoption and a more smooth transition to the new IT system, getting the people prepared for the system is a must. Unfortunately, integration of the “people” side is frequently forgotten. You may have heard this as well with statements like “business and IT speak different languages.” We are here to tell you; this doesn’t have to be the case. Using organizational change management (OCM) throughout your IT System implementation, you can avoid consequences like lack of buy-in, communication gaps, challenging system adoption, and more.

To begin your journey, we recommend taking the “The Project Communication Assessment Tool” quiz. This tool is handy if you are currently working on a project. However, if you are in between projects, consider using a previous project experience to answer the quiz. Your results will identify your communication area of need. We provide tactics for the following communication areas:

  • Quality of Interpersonal Communication
  • Project Vision and Goals
  • Project Structure and Roles
  • Mutual Understanding of the Work
  • Organizational Culture

Next, watch this presentation by Kassie Gram, “Drive Your Business In The Right Direction Through Successful Projects.” Gain a more firm understanding of how to integrate OCM Principles to thrive.

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