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Public Knowledge® Report Published on National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Website

Our international consulting firm pursues excellence in every project we do. We are thrilled to highlight the extraordinary work done by one of our project teams this year.  

Public Knowledge® (PK) is honored to have dedicated consultants focused on being a catalyst for positive outcomes for our clients. The report, Feasibility Study for a Platform to Capture Innovations from State Departments of Transportation, was prepared for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). 

A Team Committed to Superior Quality Work  

PK has performed more than 100 research, planning, and evaluation projects to support our client’s decision-making processes. On this project, our skilled team did an exceptional job, which included:  

  • Administrative Officer, Jennifer Vachon 
  • Principal Investigator, Adam Brown 
  • Transportation Subject Matter Expert, Nicole Alonzo 
  • Data Model Subject Matter Expert, Aaron Oldre
  • Technical Subject Matter Expert, Greg Gamette

The Problem Our Firm Had to Address 

NCHRP hired PK to conduct a feasibility study for developing a new platform(s) or implementing an existing platform(s) to allow Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to share and retrieve information. The study had to provide:  

  • Recommendations to engage stakeholders on desired platform functionality and achieve continuous buy-in for using newly developed and existing platform(s).  
  • Strategies for gathering data from DOTs and collecting datasets to populate the platforms.  
  • Cost analyses for developing and maintaining platform(s), including staff and technology needs.  
  • Other considerations for operating the platform(s).  

PK’s Recommendation at a Glance 

After the project team conducted the feasibility study, they recommended purchasing a new commercial-off-the-shelf system to share innovation between DOTs.

Our Research Approach 

  • Kickoff: Confirm the approach and discuss roles, responsibilities, identify communication channels, and confirm progress reporting preferences. 
  • Vision: Clarify needs and identify information needed for preliminary research and stakeholder survey to collect.  
  • Survey: Stakeholder survey to collect information on needs and opportunities to leverage.  
  • Research: Also involved platform research to address identified needs and wants. 
  • Feasibility: Included an alternatives analysis to weigh the pros and cons of platform types and identify the best option moving forward.  

See Our Firm’s Work for Yourself 

Take a look at the full report and see the attention to detail PK puts into everything we do. Our firm would love to help you with your next project. To learn more about the variety of areas we offer consulting for, click the button below. 

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