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Key Election Personnel Training Factors 

Election personnel face unique challenges. Implementing personalized learning solutions helps to navigate those barriers. 

In recent elections, we have seen voter confidence impacted by operational concerns. A way to mitigate this challenge is through training election personnel on the processes and technology used on election day. Election personnel face two significant obstacles every year: finding staff to run and manage election sites and training them in this position. Quality training is the answer to providing reliable, consistent messaging to the tens of thousands of committed people needed to run elections. 

Factors to Consider When Producing Training  

  • The differences in training material required for different roles. 
  • The diversity of the training audience and their experience with eLearning and technology. 
  • The configuration of your specific elections. 
  • Opportunities to interact with elections materials and relevant scenarios. 
  • The need to confirm the training audiences’ level of understanding. 

Using eLearning to Address Training Factors 

Providing consistent training to your election personnel is especially challenging because they continuously change. A way to provide consistent training is through custom eLearning. Personalized eLearning is an opportunity to meet the needs of an array of learners and data is supplied to help determine the effectiveness of the learning tools for your audience.

Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences 

Using a combination of visual media, audio, textual content, interactive exercises, and incorporating familiar elements is a powerful learning method catering to different learning styles. The self-paced format allows learners to control how much time they spend in training. Additionally, you can see where your learners need more resources, time, and attention to further improve the training experience through the statistics gathered.   

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Our insight into the many moving parts that come into play when creating training for election personnel means we take the guesswork out of the process. We will walk with you step by step to create a personalized learning experience that will resonate with your learners. 

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