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Providing Training for Diverse Needs 

No single learner is the same. Working with the right team to produce your custom training provides an accessible experience for everyone.  

Everyone has different learning needs to help us not only understand the information but also the application. A diverse workforce means providing inclusive training. What does inclusive training mean? It means you are taking into account a variety of learners when identifying the content, the delivery method, and the application tools for improved retention. Instructional design is only part of the process.

Broadening the Lens 

Organizations have the benefit of working with diverse teams of people, reflecting the community they serve. When developing custom content, the training needs to be just as diverse. By keeping in mind that the group of learners will fluctuate over time, online training and custom content development has proven to be an effective and efficient solution. The reason virtual training is a suitable method is the ability to incorporate different tools and resources, which accommodate different needs and anticipate future needs.

How to Tailor Online Learning to a Diverse Audience 

Building a successful training experience for a diverse audience begins with understanding there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That is why partnering with PK Learning to create a custom training developed specifically for your organization instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf course puts your people first.  

Elements PK Learning Prioritizes for an Inclusive Learning Experience 

When developing training for an organization, there are three crucial elements we keep in mind:  

  • Availability: Allow new staff to choose how much they can do in one sitting. 
  • Easily Accessible: Everyone has a different level of understanding of technology to access the training; making it easily accessible is key. 
  • Culturally Diverse: eLearning should reflect the cultural diversity of the audience while remaining neutral to political parties or candidates. 

Considering your learner’s environment and needs means you can successfully adapt your learning experiences to meet their unique learning style. By providing the people in your organization with relevant tools and resources, you are setting everyone up for success.  

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