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Working With Confusion to Improve Onboarding

Starting with the proper foundation can streamline efforts and instill confidence.

Beginning a new job or position can be daunting, especially when you are inundated with new information during meetings and training sessions. It can be overwhelming to absorb so much information at once, but we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Start with the Right Resources

Entering a new environment can be overwhelming and confusing. This can be challenging for the individual and their colleagues, even managers. Providing them with the necessary resources is important to help them navigate this transition more smoothly. Consider including a glossary of terms or frequently asked questions in onboarding videos or eLearning. This will boost their confidence and assist managers and leaders in directing them to the appropriate resources. 

How to Create Onboarding Topics

By gathering insights from managers and leaders on frequently asked questions, you can gain valuable knowledge on what new employees need to know. From there, organizing the information into common themes will allow you to create onboarding topics tailored to their needs. With these resources, you can help new employees feel supported and confident in their role from day one. 

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Why Should You Invest in Onboarding?

Investing in efficient information delivery during onboarding can significantly impact a company’s success. When new employees feel comfortable and confident in their new environment, their loyalty deepens. They feel valued and supported, creating a positive work culture. Rapidly learning and adapting to their roles allows employees to contribute more quickly to the company’s success, leading to faster value creation and goal achievement. 

We Can Help with Tailored Onboarding Resources

Our commitment to learning and developing your people is what sets us apart. We take a people-first approach and tailor our training solutions to your needs. With our expertise and tools, we can help you empower your team to reach new heights. Our instructional design process infuses your branding and objectives to ensure maximum retention and effectiveness.

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