Human Services

We support human services programs at all levels to help them perform optimally for the children and families they serve.

We design service improvements for child support, child welfare, adult services, economic services, food services, nutrition services, public health, Medicare, and Medicaid.

We support human service agencies nationwide. Our nationally known experts partner with state and local program staff to construct the best solutions for each organization using our proven methodologies, best practices, and efficiencies born of deep experience and broad public service practice.

“When CMS required the Mississippi Division of Medicaid to deliver a MARS-E assessment on a tight time frame, Public Knowledge® delivered a professional, quality assessment on time and on budget that exceeded our expectations.”

Rita Rutland, Deputy Administrator for the Miss DOM Office of Information Technology Management, Mississippi Department of Medicaid

Human Services Expertise Highlights

31 years

of Firm Experience

9 states

have collaborated with Public Knowledge®



We understand how to leverage information from various agencies to improve outcomes and incorporated this practice into our project management methodology.

Human Services Expertise Resources

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Colin Watkins

Health & Medicaid Industry Director

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Kassie Gram, PMP

Senior Vice President, Business Development

P: (720) 837-6890

Will Hornsby, MSW

Senior Vice President of Delivery

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