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Family Integrity & Justice Works Published Inaugural Issue of Quarterly Journal

A Forum for Replacing Harm with Support and Creating New Approaches to Child Welfare

United States, January 25, 2022 – Family Integrity & Justice Works at Public Knowledge® advocates for the replacement of harmful components of our child welfare system with more humane and respectful approaches. On January 25, 2022, Family Integrity & Justice Works published the Inaugural Issue of the Family Integrity & Justice (FIJ) Quarterly.

This free digital publication brings many of the dark realities of the child welfare system to light. The Inaugural Issue looks at the harsh truth of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) from a variety of experts who have either interacted with or are directly impacted by this harmful legislation.

“I am so excited about the work the Family Integrity & Justice Works team is doing to bring this issue to a larger audience. The publishing of the first Family Integrity & Justice Quarterly sets the tone for the positive impact we intend to make moving forward.”

Stacey Obrecht, President of Public Knowledge®.

The first issue of the FIJ Quarterly will educate the public and lawmakers on the destructive, traumatizing practices of ASFA from the perspective of people with lived experience, advocates, practitioners, and national experts. Additionally, it serves as a powerful communication tool and platform to amplify the voice of those experiencing the harsh requirements of ASFA every day.

“Our vision is a system that strengthens families, not tears them apart. A system that is proactive in helping them get what they need and not reactive with one-size-fits-all solutions. The FIJ Quarterly is intended to help change perceptions of families and offer concrete and actionable alternatives.”

Jerry Milner, Director of Family Integrity & Justice Works.

In the future, each issue will center around a fundamental problem perpetuating the harm for the children and families stuck in an inequitable, unjust, and traumatic system. Each issue of the FIJ Quarterly will take the same bold, raw, and unfiltered stance. It serves to demonstrate the magnitude of the harms, the human and financial costs they inflict and why modifications aren’t the solution; it requires dismantling the current system and replacing it with approaches that empower families and keep them together safely.

“This is a journal with a purpose, not a space for pontification or saying what people want to hear. It’s a forum for interrogating injustice, owning harm, and offering new ways.  Our hope is to inspire radical change.”

David Kelly, Director of Family Integrity & Justice Works.

Reading and sharing the FIJ Quarterly are the best ways to help spread the message of our advocacy efforts. Additionally, ad space will be available in upcoming issues to assist in financially supporting the endeavors of Family Integrity & Justice Works and Public Knowledge® that will allow us to keep creating a publication of this quality.

Read the Inaugural Issue of the FIJ Quarterly.


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