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Family Integrity & Justice Works Welcomes New Member, Jey Rajaraman

Photo of David Kelly, Christie Matlock, Jerry Milner, and Jey Rajaraman

Former Chief Counsel for the Family Representation Project Joins our International Consulting Firm

United States, January 21, 2022 – Family Integrity & Justice Works (FIJ Works) of the international consulting firm Public Knowledge® (PK) welcomed Jeyanthi (Jey) Rajaraman. As the newest addition to the team, she will assist in driving the national effort to make bold changes to the current child welfare system.

FIJ Works, comprised of David Kelly, Christie Matlock, and Jerry Milner, has hit the ground running, partnering with Pulaski County in Arkansas to address serious issues they are facing in their state’s child welfare system.

Jey Rajaraman
Jey Rajaraman

Jey’s extensive background in child welfare representation will be an invaluable asset to the FIJ Works team. After graduating from the
Seton Hall University School of Law, she clerked for Patricia Costello A.J.S.C, followed by working at the Office of Parental Representation covering Northern New Jersey—where she represented parents in child welfare cases. Then, for 15 years, she served as Chief Counsel for the Family Representation Project before coming to Public Knowledge®.

After advocating for families both in and out of the courtroom, Jey personally saw how so many of the current systems were failing children and parents.

“My ability to litigate effectively was limited by these structural system failures. I wanted to do more for my clients and FIJ Works’ mission of transformation, specifically strengthening families by keeping them together, directly addressing these system failures, and we can tackle the issues at or before their inception. Public Knowledge® recognizes the issues of systemic racism and chronic poverty, and to be working on projects that confront this head-on is really making a difference in an area too often overlooked.”

Jey Rajaraman, Management Consultant

Her passion for helping families, having walked alongside them every day for 15 years, will prove to be vital to FIJ Works’ mission, according to Jerry Milner, Director of FIJ Works.

“She’s witnessed first-hand the damage current structures and practices have on the lives of children and parents. Jey knows the scope of change that is necessary to create more just and equitable and healing approaches to serving families and communities.”

David Kelly, Director of FIJ Works.

In addition to her insight from her work with the legal and judicial community, Jey brings a deep commitment to healing and wellness, which is central to the work FIJ Works is doing.

Learn More About FIJ Works

Now a team of four, FIJ Works is even more determined to prevent the need for families to contact the child welfare system and improve the experiences of those who do. To learn more about their approach and what they are working to accomplish, visit their website at

About Family Integrity & Justice Works

Family Integrity & Justice Works will advance child and family well-being by replacing harmful child welfare approaches with efforts to support families in just and equitable ways. The work will focus on replacing the current child welfare system as opposed to improving existing systems that were never designed to be supported by families. The Family Integrity & Justice Works will participate in efforts to end family and racial injustice in child welfare; partner with like-minded public, private, local, and other entities to strengthen their strategies; and serve as a national thought leader, specialized technical assistance provider, and communication conduit for radically replacing the current system with family fortifying and healing approaches. Learn more by visiting

About Public Knowledge®

Public Knowledge® is a national management consulting firm focused on ProgramsPeople, and Systems. We exist to empower our clients to solve tough problems and thrive in complex situations. For more than 30 years, we have helped our clients achieve their goals by understanding their needs and their objectives as a foundation for our problem-solving process. Our goal is to provide our clients with unparalleled service and act as their catalyst for positive outcomes. Learn more by visiting

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