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Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month originated as a celebration of the anniversary of five Hispanic countries.

More importantly, it is an opportunity to recognize the uniqueness of Hispanic culture and people. As one of the most significant growing minorities, Public Knowledge® is prepared to provide innovative approaches to our clients to embrace, celebrate, and meet the needs of the Hispanic community. Our work as a management consulting firm centers around helping people, the majority of them in the public sector, solve complex problems. Public Knowledge® is an inclusion-focused consulting firm that understands diversity’s strength in any conversation. Throughout history, Latinx and Hispanic leaders have been on the frontlines of advancing public policy. We have an opportunity to acknowledge those contributions and forge deeper connections.

Significant Dates and Historical Figures

  • Emma Tenayuca and Dolores Huerta were instrumental in the labor rights movement.  
  • 1948: Dr. Hector Garcia established the American GI Forum
  • 1974: Hispanic students earned the right to access bilingual education in public schools through the Equal Educational Opportunity Act 
  • 1993: Ellen Ochoa was the first Hispanic astronaut to go to space aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.  
  • 2009: Sonia Sotomayor became the first Latina Supreme Court Justice, making history for people of Hispanic and Latino cultural identities. 
  • 2021: Latino/a and Hispanic professionals made up 15 percent of presidential appointees, the highest in history 

How to Show Your Support

  • Promote and support Hispanic and Latinx businesses in your community.  
  • Attend a local Hispanic Heritage Month event.
  • Watch PBS Video
  • Donate to a Hispanic/Latinx-focused cause. 

As Hispanics and Latinx represent more of our public sector workforce, their perspectives are vital to creating a more inclusive world. As a management consulting firm working closely with the public sector at all levels, we embody our approach of being a catalyst for change. Many of our expertise areas focus on addressing disparities in health and human services programs nationwide while finding ways to increase inclusion and celebrate our unique perspectives. 

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