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Human Relations Month

February 1, 2023

Everyone deserves a place to work where they are treated with respect, given equal opportunities to succeed, feel included, and are encouraged to reach their fullest potential. Developing good human relations skills is one way to work toward this goal to build and maintain healthy, balanced relationships at work, encouraging more connection.

Public Knowledge® understands the importance of unity in diversity. The unique perspectives everyone brings to the table make it a well-rounded, thriving organization. It is our mission to create a space where everyone feels safe to be their true, authentic selves.

Being good stewards of human relations skills helps to build healthier, thriving organizations. A critical part of being part of this is prioritizing mental health. A way we do this for our people is through the benefit of the Calm app, where everyone has premium access to the platform for not only themselves but their family members, too.

Preventative mental health care makes an impact. Not only has it shown to be effective in navigating various hardships that can occur in our lives, but provides additional resources to ensure its priorizied throughout the day.

Positive Outcomes Delivered.

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