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Hear from Nationally Recognized Family Defense Attorneys at 2022 Kempe Center International Virtual Conference  

October 4, 2022

Venue: Virtual

Public Knowledge® management consultant Jey will share the harms of the neglect allegations within the child welfare system.

The 2022 Kempe Center International Virtual Conference: A Call to Action to Change Child Welfare connects change-makers across the world. Serving as a global community of practice, 3000 participants are expected from 20 countries. Keeping families together is an internationally recognized cause. As a firm that has worked in all levels of child welfare for decades across the country, we look forward to joining the conversation. 

Poverty is Not Neglect  

Jey from our Family Integrity & Justice Works initiative is presenting at the 2022 Kempe Center International Virtual Conference.  

Ending the Tyranny of Neglect Laws: A Legal, Policy, Practice Blueprint 

October 4, 7:00 AM-8:15 AM MT 

  • Leaders in family defense, preventive legal services, and parent and policy advocacy, Jey and Diane Redleaf are presenting alongside a parent with lived experience. Poverty is not neglect, yet the child welfare system’s mandatory reporting system is oversaturating caseworkers with claims tied directly to poverty. Through the use of poetry, video, and extensive legal research and writings, they will make their case.  

Elevating the Voices of Lived Experience 

Families deserve to be not only together but to thrive in their community. We are passionate about making this a reality. Our digital publication, the Family Integrity & Justice Quarterly, acts as a forum to further the importance of advanced primary prevention and community-based supports for families. These curated articles come from advocates, researchers, lawyers, and those with lived experience. 

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Let’s Keep Families Together 

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