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Meg Presented at the 55th Annual Domestic Relations Association of PA (DRAP) Training Conference 

September 18, 2022

Sharing project initiatives and evaluation findings was the final collaboration in a two-year Interstate Improvement Project. 

The Domestic Relations Association of PA (DRAP) Training Conference was an opportunity for child support professionals to examine best practices, discuss innovation, and share knowledge to positively impact the child support program’s future. Our firm has worked closely with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (BCSE) and Domestic Relations Sections in six counties to transform the state’s intergovernmental case practices and policies. We are excited to join project team members to describe the project and present our findings.   

Meg Presented Results of a Two-Year Project 

Now What? The Future of PA Intergovernmental Case Management 

  • Meg spoke alongside other project team members to describe the impact of initiatives implemented during a two-year contract Public Knowledge® had with the Pennsylvania Fifth Judicial District, Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, and Family Division to improve intergovernmental case processing. Additionally, the panel discussed lessons learned, how they would improve the process, and what changes to expect in the future.  

About Our Work with Pennsylvania  

Our partnership with our client focused on improving interstate case processing of child support cases in Pennsylvania. Our team worked with BCSE and six county Domestic Relations Sections to identify and implement project initiatives impacting intergovernmental workers in DRS offices as well as staff in the Division of Central Operations/Central Registry. 

Our goals in this project included:  

  • Improve current support and arrears collection rations of interstate cases. 
  • Decrease timeframes for parents to receive support from interstate cases. 
  • Lessen return rates of interstate cases. 
  • Establish more efficient business processes. 
  • Improve caseworker knowledge and application of interstate laws and procedures. 
  • Implement new technology resulting in program cost savings. 

Public Knowledge® looks forward to sharing the work we have been doing at the 55th Annual DRAP Training Conference.  

We Work Extensively in Child Support in All Capacities  

Public Knowledge® has the subject matter experts to assist in child support projects of all complexities. Having worked on intergovernmental and international child support projects, we understand child support agencies’ challenges. As an international firm, we approach every project with a nationwide scope, allowing us to help you find a solution that is tailored to navigating challenges within your state. 

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