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PK Child Support Subject Matter Experts Attended the 2022 NCSEA Leadership Symposium 

August 7, 2022

Venue: Conference

As a firm active in advising our clients in improving child support program policy and operations, we are ready to share our perspectives and learn from other leaders in the industry.  

The annual National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) Leadership Symposium is a gathering of child support leaders, regardless of title or position. It is designed to inspire by focusing on celebrating and sharing best practices, new perspectives, and innovative approaches to daily operations and managing the child support program.  

Sharing from Decades of Experience  

Public Knowledge® child support matter experts Kathy Sokolik and Elizabeth Morgan attended the NCSEA Leadership Symposium. Both Kathy and Elizabeth understand the intricacies of intergovernmental work, public policy, strategic planning, child support law, and business process redesign. Having worked with local, regional, state, and federal agencies, our firm has gained extensive knowledge on how to best approach the child support program’s unique challenges. No matter the task at hand, we focus on collaboration with our child support program partners to constantly improve the delivery of child support program services to families.  

We Created Training Specifically for Child Support Professionals 

Our extensive experience within the child support program gives us insights into the daily challenges of child support professionals. To provide guidance to those doing such impactful work, we created training specifically tailored to their needs. Developed by experts in the industry and using real-life scenarios paired with an interactive learning experience, it positions learners for success.

Join Us as Our Firm Celebrates Child Support Awareness Month 

Our commitment to supporting leaders in the child support program does not stop with attending events such as the NCSEA Leadership Symposium. Public Knowledge® is continuously focused on sharing our knowledge. Our consultants will share their insight throughout the month on our Ideas page.  

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