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National Civility Month

August 2, 2023

Public Knowledge® has established values that serve as our firm and individual professional foundation. National Civility Month is an excellent opportunity to reflect on how we demonstrate these values through our interactions with others and through our work when supporting clients. Help spread the message that civility is essential to connect, create an inclusive culture, and generate belonging. 

National Civility Month

There are numerous ways you can express your support for National Civility Month: 

  • Practice civility. Spend time reflecting on your actions, noting how people reacted to them, and figuring out how you can better yourself with each interaction. 
  • Inspire civility. While we often perform acts of civility individually, there are means to inspire others by welcoming others in your acts of kindness. 
  • Shine a light on kindness. When someone shows you kindness or respect, tell them how it made you feel. Your acknowledgment can encourage them to do it more often. 

At Public Knowledge®, our values guide us to stay centered and to help us make the best possible decisions throughout the day. They also help us to know where we want to invest our time and efforts as professionals. 

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