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PK Took the Stage at the National Staff Development & Training Association Conference

October 2, 2021

Venue: Conference

Public Knowledge® had the privilege of presenting at the National Staff Development & Training Association (NSDTA) Conference in Spokane, WA.

PKers Sharing Their Expertise

While we consider ourselves lifetime learners, we find it equally important to share what we learn with our peers. A few of our talented team members presented at the NSDTA Conference, including:

  • Diane Potts, Vice President of Child Support and Workforce Services
  • Mia Sena, Management Consultant
  • Holly Sherrard, Channel Partner Manager

Taking Professional Development to New Heights with Adaptive and Blended Learning Advancements

Their presentation discussed how it is critical for the staff of state human services agencies to have the best tools, knowledge, and resources to be reflective and strategic. More importantly, how professional development is crucial to promote new skills, growth, and career advancement for their teams.

The workshop demonstrated how you can harness the capability of innovative eLearning technology and adult learning theory methodologies for a blended learning experience that engages multiple senses and embraces different learning modalities to meet your team where they are.

Diane, Mia, and Holly shared the techniques and implementation outcomes, and demonstrated how to include content, interactive activities, and learning transfer assignments in virtual and web-based training.

Ready to Try eLearning, but Not Sure Where to Start?

PK has interactive eLearning training ready to go, complete with Reflection Journals for learners and Leadership Guides for the facilitator.

We have a variety of courses available, including:

Learn How Public Knowledge® Can Help

Learn how eLearning can make a positive impact on your organization. To schedule a demo with Diane or find out what other courses we have available, reach out to us! We’re excited to help and provide unique solutions.

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