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MESC 2021

August 9, 2021

Venue: In-Person

Team members that will be attending the annual MESC 2021

The annual MESC (Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference) 2021 is almost here. Public Knowledge® is as excited as ever to be a part of it! Every year experts in the Medicaid sector gather to share their knowledge. Businesses and organizations of all sizes involved in the Medicaid systems will be attending, including us.

To make the most of our time to reconnect at MESC, we won’t have a booth. Look for us throughout MESC in our PK Blue Hues and Orange!

MESC 2021 will be from August 9 – 12, 2021 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. It is in-person/virtual this year.

Join our Public Knowledge® team at the Annual Conference in Boston

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reconnect in person this year. Our Health and Medicaid experts love to solve problems. If you are attending, look for our faces in the halls, sessions, refreshment lines, or walking around, and let’s chat. Not only are we offering complimentary problem-solving solutions, but there is an opportunity to win a $200 Visa Gift Card! Giving us the opportunity to solve your problems gives you the chance to win. Share your problem and enter here.

Experts from PK® Will Be Moderating Several Sessions

Several of our amazing team members will be in attendance to not only learn, but present and moderate sessions at the MESC.

MES and COVID-19 – Moderated by Ron Puent, Management Consultant

This workshop looks at all aspects of a Medicaid Enterprise System and how they have been impacted by COVID-19. States and their industry partners will discuss the disruption caused by COVID-19, changes made during the Public Health Emergency, and the lessons learned, and the long-term impact of those modifications. Nevada will discuss how they implemented their EVV program; Indiana will discuss changes to eligibility processes, and Mathematica will discuss the impact on data.

Health Express: Streamlining Remote Program Participation through FHIR – Moderated by Naomi Snodgrass, Management Consultant

The pandemic has called for streamlining eligibility, enrollment, health benefits, and counseling across Health and Human Services (HHS) and United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service (USDA FNS) programs. Experts on the panel will discuss the library framework and roadmap for the development of a standardized program-wide APIs. This would support secure sharing of data to enroll and certify eligible families and provide access to benefits and health services.

Operating Rules Improve Prior Authorization and Attachment Provider Workflows – Moderated by Kassie Gram, Vice President of Health and Medicaid Services

The healthcare industry relies heavily on labor-intensive manual methods to complete the prior authorization (PA) process. Increased PA automation could save considerable time, money, and resources. The speakers will explore the adoption of the standard and their viewpoint of how implementing this will close automation gaps and enhance PA workflow.

Where Client Needs Meet Product and Service Innovation – Moderated by Rhonda Brinkoeter, Management Consultant

The advances of platform modernization are not the most important thing; the customer’s voice is. This session will explore how diverse advisory teams and client focus groups create a well-rounded perspective for the innovation of health and human services.

Time is Money: PERM Success Through System Implementations – Moderated by Stacey Obrecht, President

Decisions made during the implementation of a new Medicaid solution or enhancing an existing one require an abundance of time and money from the stakeholders involved. Therefore, it impacts the outcome of a state’s PERM (Payment Error Rate Measurement) cycle. This session will discuss the benefits of having a dedicated team focused on PERM requirements during all phases of system implementations.

More About MESC 2021

Around for decades, attendance for the MESC has grown to over 1600 participants since it began. This conference is planned and executed by volunteers from the state, federal, and private sector. Kassie Gram from our Public Knowledge® team also assisted in planning! The committee of volunteers chooses the priority subject tracks and prioritizes what themes are important to Medicaid programs.

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