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SLI Announces Release of Next Generation of Agile Oversight Protocol

Silver Spring, MD (July 26, 2017) – SLI Global Solutions is pleased to announce that we have developed and rolled out a significant upgrade to our SpARC (SLI Protocol for Agile in a Regulated Context) methodology. SpARC 2.0 is a set of in-depth, integrated Scrum and Agile-based best practices, approaches, risk artifacts, quality assurance (QA) checklists and process guidelines that have been specifically developed to assess, monitor and support Agile development projects

Based on lessons learned from current engagements, SLI has refined and enhanced our methodology. In the SpARC 2.0 release:

The core SLI Agile Process Guidelines (23) have been updated with significant additions to the following areas:

  • Process Management
  • Sprint Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Management Support
  • User Story Management

Upgraded metrics for application to Agile or iterative development projects, streamlined and improved to provide better measurements that serve as an early warning system to potential development issues or risks. As applications are being developed, the SpARC protocol provides a metrics-based focus for the computations needed to manage multiple work streams in iterative development projects.

These features have been developed on top of the core benefits provided in SpARC 1.0, which enable project teams to:

  • Successfully anticipate and manage potential project risks that can arise when working with an Agile/SCRUM process.
  • Apply a multi-dimensional approach to check the maturity of the project’s Agile methodology.
  • Incorporate accepted Agile manifesto/lean development standards into the assessment of project progress.
  • Have a Road Map to monitor and report on the progress and quality aspects of the project.

SpARC 2.0 has been deployed most recently on the Oregon State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF) Guidewire Replacement Project. For this project, SLI is focused on Quality Assurance reviews of Integrated Project Management Plans, the Project Business Case, and the System Integrators Statement of Work to ensure alignment with industry best practices and the specific requirements of SAIF’s Agile approach. The SAIF project is seeing significant benefit in terms of timely, accurate, and focused assessments of project progress, processes, and deliverables, including Agile Sprint plans, and the review and assessment of Agile ceremonies and development progress. SpARC is being used to measure the software development progress rate, (known as velocity in Agile) during each Sprint and is helping to assure that process exists to complete any outstanding User Stories from the prior Sprint.

In today’s world, technological changes happen every second. At SLI, we keep up with those changes so you don’t get left behind. SLI is focused exclusively on delivering the most advanced quality assurance and consulting solutions on the market for government entities.

About SLI Global Solutions

SLI Global Solutions (SLI) is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, with project locations in over a dozen capital cities across the US.  SLI is committed to helping state agencies build quality and innovation into their system implementations and program improvement initiatives.  SLI is committed to the use of a standards based quality management methodology that has been proven effective in a wide range of system implementations and process improvement projects.  SLI’s SQM3 methodology is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

SLI has experienced staff ready to support your quality and risk management needs on both Agile and traditional systems development projects.  For more information, visit

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