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Social Work Month

March 1, 2024

Social workers promote societal progress by advocating for equity and justice.

As we celebrate Social Work Month, it is essential to recognize the significant impact that social workers have had in advancing the cause of social justice. Social workers are not just helpers; they actively shape policies, challenge systemic inequalities, and amplify marginalized communities’ voices.

Throughout history, many notable figures have exemplified social workers’ unwavering dedication to addressing societal injustices. These pioneers, such as Jane Addams, Ellen Gates, Ida B. Wells, George Edmund Haynes, Whitney Young Jr., and Frances Perkins, paved the way for meaningful change.

As the first female labor secretary, Frances Perkins was pivotal in advocating for labor rights and social welfare during the Great Depression. Her efforts were crucial in bringing about significant reforms. This includes establishing the 40-hour workweek, Social Security benefits, and minimum wage standards. Perkins’ accomplishments highlight the vital role that social workers play in shaping public policy. Additionally, advocating for workers’ and vulnerable populations’ rights.

Social workers today are inspiring champions of social justice who navigate complex social landscapes with empathy and compassion. Guided by a deep commitment to equality and a tireless resolve to dismantle systemic barriers, they work towards making a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities facing adversity, following in the footsteps of the historical figures who came before them.

Public Knowledge® proudly serves government sector clients comprised of social work professionals. We commend our clients for all they do for all children, families, and communities and use this month to celebrate their contributions and drive.

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