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Why Invest in Procurement

Through more than 30 years of experience, we have identified best practices to improve procurement processes.

Investing in sound procurement practices can reduce cost and effort over time. Private-sector industries give considerable weight to procurement and supply chain management because even a modest reduction in costs can save millions. Purchased goods and services in government agencies account for more than 50% of any state’s budget, but procurement services typically do not get the attention they deserve.

Efficient and effective procurement processes can help you spend public funds wisely and fulfill your agency’s mission despite budget shortfalls. Public Knowledge® consultants have extensive experience when navigating procurement and supply chain processes within government agencies. Our clients have benefited from our application of best practices. We want agencies to be efficient and effective everywhere. If you need to reduce costs and want to achieve this by improving your procurement process, then here are some best practices for you.

Develop Your Staff

Public procurement agencies are raising the level of professionalism among their staff and supervisors through training, certification, and adoption of clearly defined standards. Providing your employees with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills directly improves your procurement process.

Invest in Innovation

Progressive procurement agencies look for more effective and efficient processes. We recommend starting with your IT purchasing, using the “IT Purchasing Innovations” best practices we have developed over the decades in the business.

Use Systems to Manage the Procurement Journey.

E-procurement systems can help you successfully manage the process from solicitation development to contract administration. We want you to have access to the best procurement system possible, and our experience with various clients gives us insight into ideal system features.

Use Tools to Enhance Your Agency’s Productivity.

Respected procurement agencies have tools and policies that increase productivity and decrease the strain on resources. We can share these tools with your agency, helping you reduce costs while getting the best results from your procurement efforts. Our Best Productivity Tools for procurement include having a vendor landing page with tips for doing business with you, a list of performance measures, and many others. 

Consider a Central Procurement Authority

Best practices indicate a preference for a center-led procurement structure. This means that the central procurement authority focuses on training and education, performance measurement, dispute resolution, system oversight, and supply-chain management. This empowers agencies to conduct procurements in their areas of expertise while the central authority consults, provides support, and reviews compliance with state rules and policies.

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