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The Power of Your Peers

By: Bree Thompson

Leaning into the power of true teamwork can expand what you can achieve. 

When companies hire new employees, experience is a logical qualification; education is equally high on the list. Public Knowledge® (PK) is no different—we value educated and experienced members as additions to our team. Without a doubt, an aptitude for working in groups is a plus. However, the value of innovative ideas and perspectives that come from experience in different industries can be overlooked.  

Taking Stock of Your Human Capital  

If you look around the room (or the Zoom) in any meeting, you can be sure at least one person will have a significantly different education and work history from you, and this is by design. When we tap into the experiences of lawyers, educators, software testers, project managers, and other subject matter experts, we develop better solutions for our clients and internal teams.  

Building a Team that Delivers 

Projects face a challenge in being open to new thinking and building in the time necessary to understand what others bring to the team entirely. Peak performance takes time and effort, commodities that are rarely in surplus. Team building is both an art and a science—it requires investments of time and upfront but pays dividends exponentially through the help of a high-functioning team.  

Every time a new team forms, we can better understand our team members’ skills to projects. Whether developing an online course, defining criteria for a system go-live, or facilitating a strategic planning session, PK has people who contribute an educated approach, years of practice, and a fresh perspective.  

Helping Clients Succeed the PK Way 

Understanding how we can contribute is just the first step. Once we recognize the value in our diversity, we can determine when to contribute to our projects and our teams. PK invests the time and effort in hiring diverse thinkers, building multi-faceted teams, and encouraging a culture that supports creative solutions to help clients meet and exceed their objectives. Contact us to learn how we will help you execute your next project.  

Positive Outcomes Delivered.

We are ready to solve your tough problems.