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Leading Effectively Through Remote Working  

As thought leaders, we know that helping our clients reach their goals isn’t limited to an office. 

The pandemic changed the perspective of many when it comes to remote working. For decades, Public Knowledge® (PK) has given our people the freedom and flexibility to work in environments that enhance their productivity and focus in a way that works for them—while still delighting our clients with creative solutions to their most challenging problems.  

Thriving in a Remote Workplace 

Because of our vast experience as an exclusively remote consulting firm, we have learned what it means to be an effective leader, no matter where we’re working or how.

Leading Remotely 

It’s possible to connect with colleagues and clients without being in a physical office; our people accomplish this every day. If remote working is new to you, there are four crucial elements to keep in mind when leading remotely.


  • When removed from a physical office space, proactive communication is vital. We use tools like Microsoft Teams for instant messaging, file sharing, and video calls to keep each other in the loops.  


  • First and foremost, honesty is the best policy. Transparency is essential both as a firm and as an individual. Whether that’s our monthly Town Halls to inform our people on policy and financial matters to keeping each other accountable for meeting personal development goals, transparency is key.  


  • To streamline communications and ensure everyone is on the same page, it is helpful to share information in a place that is easily accessible to track progress. Our firm uses SharePoint to streamline collaboration between all departments, using this as our “hub” to store critical information. 


  • Leading with compassion is a fundamental part of how PK operates. Our people matter to us—and not just about work-related matters. Maintaining a work-life balance is encouraged and mandatory; it is used as a performance metric.  

Besides time off, we know life happens. Sick children, doctor’s appointments, taking a pet to the vet, the list goes on. By leading with compassion, we give our people the flexibility they need to attend to these matters. Also, by giving your people the autonomy to work when they are at their best, you will improve productivity.

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