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Why Convert Instructor-Led Training to eLearning

Leverage existing instructor-led training by repurposing it into a format fitting today’s needs. 

While your organization may have instructor-led training (ILT) in place, there is a significant opportunity to turn that ILT into an eLearning course.  

Why eLearning? 

While nothing will ever truly compare to an in-person learning experience, there are a variety of benefits to having quality eLearning in place. Other aspects to keep in mind in the development of online learning:  

  • eLearning is available anywhere, anytime, and used for a variety of purposes if designed with the learner in mind
  • This is an added convenience for your employees and learners
  • There isn’t an attendee cap, allowing for thousands of participants at a time
  • Data capturing enables better learner engagement and retention than in-person solutions

The Importance of Creating Microlearning Experiences 

Converting ILT to eLearning is typically at a three-to-one ratio, an example being a three-hour course may become an hour-long (60 minutes) eLearning module. Dividing the content into 10-minute increments allows for multiple uses and repeated participation. 

Multiple Uses for the Same Training 

An added benefit of creating eLearning from an existing ILT is the ability to customize it to the needs of the learner. For example, creating an intro version for the entire organization and more in-depth training for role-specific audiences. Additionally, condensed one to three-minute video segments from the course could be used to increase employee interest in the topic, reminding the organization of a key message, or engage potential customers. 

Our PK Learning Team Can Help

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