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Elements of Successful Online Training 

Not all learning is created equal, and we’re ready to share how to build online training that leaves a lasting impression.  

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Providing the right training for the people at your organization is a valuable tool and plays a vital role in ensuring everyone feels empowered in their position. Whether it is a part of onboarding a new employee or role-specific training, certain elements are needed to maintain the audience’s attention.  

Public Knowledge® understands what it takes to better reach a diverse audience at organizations of all sizes. We have assisted many clients with their training efforts and understand the learning landscape to know what works best.

Tailoring the Content to the Audience 

Before developing training, it is important to be mindful of the employee’s needs—not every situation calls for a uniform solution. There are two types of content we suggest including in online learning development:  

General Content 

  • Required for all employees, it includes a thorough overview of expectations, branding, or an overview of a particular topic. This type of online learning is the perfect tool for onboarding or company-wide training, providing employees with the information presented in an engaging and memorable format.  

Role-Specific Content 

  • Providing training for specific roles is the best way to instill confidence. Offering training specific to certain organizational roles offers more relevant information and minimizes confusion.  

Be Mindful of Different Learning Needs 

Everyone has a different learning style; by catering to these needs, you offer your employees inclusive training. Two ways to create compelling learning opportunities include:  

  • Offering the training via online learning is flexible to the learner’s schedule.  
  • Including visual, auditorial, and interactive elements to cater to various learning preferences.  

Put Your Training Needs in the Hands of the Professionals

Our mission is to create custom training solutions that empower your people. With our tools and the right blend of expertise, we are able to help you train, develop and grow your people.

Start Creating Your Customized Learning Experience 

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