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Customized Child Support Training is Needed to Better Serve Children and Families 

Child support professionals have the incredible opportunity to directly affect the welfare and financial stability of children and their families.

Learning new information and continuously reinforcing existing skills is a great responsibility.  

The needs of families have grown more complex, and the child support program has responded by embracing family-centered services. Technology has evolved, allowing child support agencies to target outreach to nonpaying parties better. Social media and changing modes of preferred communication mean child support workers are communicating with customers in ways dramatically different from 10 years ago. As a result, agencies need customized training that drives growth and equips their staff with skills to serve children and families effectively. 

Why Invest in Professional Development? 

At Public Knowledge®, we believe that meaningful, sustained professional development is the key to empowering child support professionals to advance program priorities, effectuating better customer service and outcomes for families, and ensuring employee satisfaction and advancement.  

Focusing on Advanced Interpersonal Skills 

The most frequently requested training courses often focus on advanced interpersonal skills. Examples of these courses include  

We also offer training focused on specific child support areas such as procedural justice and intergovernmental child support case processing. In addition, we have met the increased demand for eLearning by transforming our most popular course, Effective Child Support Customer Service, into a five-module self-paced eLearning series. This highly interactive series includes real-life child support-specific scenarios and quizzes to maximize retention. 

Interactive Training Developed for Immediate Application 

Just as child support customers’ needs have evolved, so have expectations of child support staff regarding training. We know that child support staff most valuable training that is interactive, relevant and provides an opportunity for immediate application of real situations they encounter daily.  

Developed with the Learner in Mind 

We also recognize the need for just-in-time flexible training solutions, and we offer multiple learning modalities, including custom eLearning, instructor-led training, virtual training, and coaching to promote learner engagement and transfer of learning.  

Created by Child Support Experts  

Our subject-matter experts and industry leaders deliver training and technical assistance customized for the unique needs of child support professionals to develop and sharpen skills at every level. Our training sessions also provide participants with an opportunity to interact with a variety of colleagues to share experiences and collaborate with peers. 

Dedicated to Professional Development in the Classroom and in the Field 

Positive Outcomes Delivered.

We are ready to solve your tough problems.