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Log Off with a Clear Mind 

Integrating mindfulness throughout our workday can reduce the stress we feel after it is over, allowing us to be present. 

We have all been guilty of ‘bringing work home.’ Whether in an office or working remotely, we have all experienced letting our thoughts ruminate over work matters after logging off for the day. Public Knowledge® is passionate about giving our people the space and resources to cultivate a better work-life balance and mindfulness.

Finding Your Peace 

Regardless of your calendar, we can all implement mindful practices that bring mental clarity and relaxation. Small, intentional actions make a significant impact. It can change how we feel and our outlook, ultimately affecting how we perform personally and professionally.  

Plan Your Ideal Day  


This can be as simple or extensive as you want. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize yourself going through the day. How do you want to feel? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to set a particular intention, such as feeling productive, centered, or focused? 

Notice How You Feel 

Notice if certain things cause distraction or feelings of uneasiness. Is there anything you can do to fix it? If we go throughout our day unaware of how we are reacting to certain things, it can cause an undercurrent of stress leading us to operate from a place of unbalance or tension.

While this looks different for everyone, a few examples can include:  

Giving yourself the first 10-15 minutes of your workday without checking your email.  

Muting notifications for Outlook, Teams, or other collaborative platforms to maintain focus. 

Schedule a lunch or break into your day to help protect time during busy days.  

Take a Moment to Wind Down  

Logging off with a clear mind can take intention on mentally taxing days. A few ways to bring yourself back to the present moment after work include:  

  • Planning out your next day, outlining the tasks that need to be done. 
  • Tidy your workspace. 
  • Do a guided meditation through a meditation app, such as Calm

Leaving Room for Humanity 

Our people at Public Knowledge® are seen as, well, people. Every person at our firm has their own families, friends, and hobbies that bring fulfillment and a sense of purpose. These things deserve an equal place in life outside of work, in addition to helping maintain good mental health.  

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