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Offering Judgment-Free Support 

Those in need of services are incredibly courageous in coming forward and seeking help.

We often work with clients in the public sector who provide services to those in need. There is a level of bravery and courage when seeking out support, resources, and guidance. In addition, the clients we work with who thrive are providing a judgment-free environment for those they serve. This is essential when trying to provide optimal customer service throughout their experience of qualifying and receiving services. No matter the government program, the people working with administering the services and programs succeed when they provide people with a safe place to go for help.

By implementing techniques such as active listening, asking open-ended questions, and allowing someone to share how they feel without fear or judgment, we can help more people.  

Listen to Understand  

Active listening is powerful. It goes beyond hearing what a person says; it is seeking to understand the intent and meaning behind the words. This is a simple and effective way to engage in a conversation with someone who might be seeking help.  

Active listening techniques can include:  

  • Refraining from offering advice or judgment 
  • Noting non-verbal cues 
  • Being fully present 
  • Ask open-ended questions 

Taking the time to actively listen while someone shares their feelings can make all of the difference. When listening to understand, the person will tell you what they need.  

How Can I Support You? 

Health and Medicaid

The phrase “how can I support you” empowers a person to make the decision of what they need at that moment. It could be different than what you think they need. Our natural impulse is to rescue someone from their circumstances. However, it is the decision if and when that person decides to seek the help they need.  

Love Them Where They Are  

People in these circumstances need to know you will continue to love and support them, regardless of the choices they make. Having someone they can count on is vital. It is important to be patient, allowing them to handle the situation in a way that allows them to protect themselves.  

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