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The Importance of a Project Planning Phase

Collaboration and transparency are two crucial components to project success.

Our approach to management consulting involves a holistic approach. We learn what our clients are looking for and combine that with our thought leadership and experience. A project planning phase happens after the initial kick-off of the project and is a core component of our methodology.

As a management consulting firm, Public Knowledge® (PK) has refined our project planning process to assist our clients in achieving their desired outcomes. We want to share our expertise with you by showcasing what a practical project planning phase entails.

To Do List

Defining Success

Having a shared understanding of what success entails is crucial for all parties involved. Everyone holds a significant responsibility in shaping and outlining those expectations. 

Starting with a Good Baseline

At this time, we take a closer look at the remaining questions, determine who will make which decisions, evaluate our available resources, and establish how we will work together effectively. Our consulting firm values a collaborative relationship with our clients and always listens to their thoughts and ideas. We believe in using proven methods to achieve lasting results while being hands-on and ready to work.

Setting Timelines and Expectations

The project’s project planning phase also functions as the opportunity to assess our approach, finalize timelines, and outline the project flow. Public Knowledge® prioritizes openness and transparency, and we are flexible to adjust as needed. However, we recognize the significance of starting with clear expectations. 

Providing the Right Expertise

Partnering with PK means working with a consulting firm with a wide range of skills and expertise. Our adaptable consulting approach, combined with our team of subject matter experts, delivers results that go beyond what our clients expect. 

We Position You for Lasting Success

Positive Outcomes Delivered.

We are ready to solve your tough problems.