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Case Study

Designing, Developing, and Implementing Child Welfare Practice Standards for Caseworkers, Supervisors, and Leaders in North Carolina

We worked with North Carolina to position their child welfare caseworkers, supervisors, and leadership for success through engaging training.

Case Study

Washington State International Child Support Capabilities Strengthened

PK assisted Washington state in developing training materials to prepare staff for handling international support cases in Canada and Mexico.

Case Study

Systems Integrity of an Unemployment Insurance Project

Public Knowledge® assisted the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) improve the quality of the agency's new Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax/contributions system, by providing periodic IV&V reviews of project processes and artifacts.

Case Study

North Carolina Navigates Complex Multisystem Reform to Improve Service Delivery to Families

Legislation passed in the aftermath of the death of a child in the North Carolina Child Welfare system motivated State and county leaders to collaborate on ways to improve service delivery across multiple programs. Public Knowledge® was selected as an independent, third-party to help North Carolina achieve their goal.

Case Study

North Carolina’s Multi-Payer Medicaid System Test Management Services

Public Knowledge®’s Test Management services were instrumental in assisting the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)successfully implement a new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).

Case Study

Private Provider Performance Management through Performance-Based Contracting

Child welfare agencies must support performance-based contracting in their partnerships with their providers to secure the best outcomes for the children and families they serve. The outcomes of these child welfare systems are impacted by the service quality and if a performance management process is in place.

Case Study

State of Iowa’s Department of Human Services Quality Assurance Services on Integrated Eligibility System

Iowa selected Public Knowledge® to provide Quality Assurance services and Management experts to improve DHS's ability to meet Federal ACA and state program eligibility requirements. Public Knowledge® delivered a customized Agile project oversight protocol.

Case Study

Recruitment and Retention of Relative, Kin, and Resource Caregivers

Child welfare agencies are looking for new strategies to do proactive searches, enhance engagement, expedite licensing, and provide ongoing support to ensure that children are placed with a relative or resource caregiver who has a previous connection to them and the ability to accommodate foster children.

Case Study

Solution-Focused Use of Quality Data

Child welfare systems face an array of challenges in meeting the needs of children and families. Effective use of quality data provides agencies with an optimized Continuous Quality Improvement structure where root causes can be identified and strategies implemented and adjusted over time to effect sustainable change.

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