Case Studies

Case Study

State of Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission Business Process and Technology Assessment

State of Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission Business Process and Technology Assessment Maryland partnered with Public Knowledge® to enable the Commission to deliver workers' compensation services to employers and injured workers.

Case Study

Workforce Development & Coaching

Confident and competent child welfare staff are essential for child welfare agencies. Classroom training is often leaned on as a “quick fix” for performance issues, but, research indicates that the majority of learning occurs in practice and application of new ideas in the field.

Case Study

Improving the Quality of Child Support Project

Public Knowledge® improved the quality of the Oregon DOJ Division of Child Support's new child support enforcement system project: Origin System Project. Providing IV&V reviews of processes and artifacts and recognizing improvement opportunities along with Public Knowledge® commitment to collaboration with the agency.

Case Study

Framework for an Impactful Continuous Quality Improvement Process

The environment of child welfare organizations is constantly changing, yet the objective remains constant: the well-being of children and promoting family resiliency. Agencies must have optimized Continuous Quality Improvement systems and implement CQI processes for improved outcomes and sustainable changes.

Case Study

Effective Implementation in Child Welfare

Public Knowledge® works with agencies on child welfare implementation system improvement initiatives to increase the quality of services to children and families. The implementation process is critical to ensuring that the initiatives are executed with fidelity.

Case Study

A Solution-Focused Approach to Child Welfare Assessments

Child welfare system assessments follow distinct protocols, but approach can be customizable. A scope of work can be designed to help the agency understand the causes and results that led to an assessment, along with recommendations using implementation-science principles and can provide guidance on program improvements.

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