We are your strategic technology partner from planning through implementation.

We strive to help agencies navigate the government marketplace and improve your confidence of achieving your vision and goals. Public Knowledge® not only drives innovation for impact, we foster relationships with and among states and agencies, bringing you insightful information as you make system procurement, development, and implementation decisions.

We partner with you along the systems development lifecycle.

Our services range from project management to quality assurance and quality control, federal certification support, independent verification and validation, and strategies for modernization.

We focus on creating efficiencies, partnering with you for optimal outcomes, and using flexibility for the best effect. Our team will apply their technology expertise, business systems analysis, and project management proficiency to help you plan and implement more efficient and scalable solutions.

Our Goals

  • Be a strategic technology partner in the trenches
  • Plan and prepare people for the system
  • Help agencies navigate the government marketplace
  • Drive innovation for impact
  • Foster relationships with and among states and agencies


We help you strategize and plan for procuring a system that will support your program vision and strengthen your organization.


We support your system procurements through RFPs, or other solicitation types, throughout all phases from planning through contracting.

Design, Development, and Implementation (DDI)

We partner with you to develop and implement successful systems by helping you prepare your people for the system and validating that the system is ready for your program.

Contract Management and Monitoring

We help you develop contract management structures, processes, and templates to enable you to monitor and manage the performance of your vendors in accordance with your program goals and project measures.

Business Intelligence to Support Technology Implementation

We are using Business Intelligence (BI) to enable data-driven decisions, real-time insights, and improved efficiency to support organizations during technology implementations.

Project Management

Our DitDah™ Project Management method incorporates a focus on the people side of projects through strategic partnerships, healthy project teams, and individual contributions accompanied by standard and repeatable PM processes.

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