Transitioning from classroom instruction to online learning is no small task, nor is it a simple one. The depth and breadth of our expertise in eLearning technologies and adult learning theory sets us apart from our competitors.

Public Knowledge® has extensive expertise in adult learning theory and online course development, built over decades. Our uniquely qualified team has comprehensive instructional design, curriculum development, and assessment skills for educational projects.

We pair these with our proven project management methods, coaching, and training to produce optimal outcomes. We assist with technology planning and implementation, as well as strategic planning for education. To ease the transitions within your institution or organization, we will also apply our organizational change management consulting for successful implementation to create lasting results. Public Knowledge® will work with your staff to transfer online course development knowledge and confirm that the content is accurate and effective before a course is launched. In addition, our PK Learning Consultants will assist in the design, delivery, management, and measure of eLearning training solutions. Public Knowledge® can also provide enhancements for live or animated videos, game-based courses, and job aids. We have provided instructional design consulting to effectively help you navigate the change from in-person learning to the asynchronous environments so common in these unprecedented times. Public Knowledge® effectively works with faculty individually or in small groups to prepare them for the shift in teaching methodologies

“We normally provide our training in-house but decided to try something different and bring in an outside expert. It was a great choice.”

Jim Fleming, North Dakota Child Support Director

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