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Did You Connect with Elizabeth Morgan at the NCCSD 2023 Annual Conference?

June 12, 2023

Venue: In-Person

Coming together to learn how we can better support children and families.

For those who attended the National Council of Child Support Directors (NCCSD) 2023 Annual Conference, they had the chance to speak with Elizabeth Morgan from Public Knowledge® (PK).  

Elizabeth, PK Child Support Industry Director  

  • More than 35 years of experience in the child support program.   
  • National expert on child support distribution policy issues and the impact of distribution policy choices on families.  
  • More than 17 years of providing subject matter expertise and technical assistance to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement 

Nationally Recognized Child Support Expertise

Partnering with our firm means knowing you’re working with the right people with the right expertise. Elizabeth provides significant insight into complex matters of child support, including distribution and policy analysis. Her work collaborating with child support programs at all levels provides a unique perspective to address the challenges and barriers our clients face. 

Specializing in Child Support Distribution

Elizabeth has significant insight into complex matters of child support distribution. This expertise plays a significant role in helping our clients implement transformative change for families all over the United States. 

We Develop Training Specifically for Child Support Professionals

Public Knowledge® understands the unique challenges child support professionals face. Our Effective Child Support Customer Service Training Series is interactive, engaging, and developed with adult learners in mind. If you did not have a chance to learn more at the NCCSD 2023 Annual Conference, we are more than happy to provide more information.

Our Work with Louisiana Developing Child Support-Led Employment Programs

In 2021, PK began working with the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services to evaluate a small-scale child support-led employment program in Caddo Parish. In 2022, PK assisted the agency in expanding its child support-led employment program to include additional geographic locations.

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