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Children’s Rights Continues the National Call to Action Ending ASFA

November 15, 2022

Venue: Virtual

After Family Integrity & Justice Works at Public Knowledge® held the kick-off earlier this month, Children’s Rights took the next step.

The second stallment in the national webinar series serving as a call to action in repealing devastating legislation, the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), continued with Children’s Rights on November 15th.

Terminating Parental Rights Harms Children Too

25 Years of ASFA: Looking Back and Moving Forward

November 19th is the 25th anniversary of ASFA. Since then, thousands of families have been separated and devalued in its wake. Panelists discussed the key reasons for its continuation and what strategies we can use moving forward to keep families together.

Advocates with Lived Expertise

Shereen A. White, Children’s Rights Director of Advocacy & PolicyAliyah Zeien, RSW, State Youth Ambassador

Antonica Frazier, Board Vice President and Chairman of Policy Subcommittee, Louisiana Elite Advocacy Force

Carloe Moser, Foster Care Advocate, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Iesha Hammons, Parent Ally, Legal Services of NJ

Jas Snell, Senior Homeless Services Consultant, ICF

Missed the First Webinar?

The kick-off, hosted by Family Integrity & Justice Works (FIJW) at Public Knowledge®, featured those directly impacted by ASFA. Including a panel of national experts and advocates and hearing directly from those with lived experience, it provided a powerful perspective.

Featured speakers:
Vivek SankaranShrounda SelivanoffJerry MilnerKathleen Creamer

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