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Family Integrity & Justice Quarterly Calls for Investing in Community-Based Supports 

United States, September 1, 2022 – Public Knowledge® is pleased to announce the publishing of the newest edition of the Family Integrity & Justice Quarterly, “Investing in Families and Communities.” This free, digital publication shares more about how community-based, preventative interventions keep families together. 

Cover of the next FIJ Quarterly

Attempts have been made to implement community-based supports and services into the existing child welfare system. A system rooted in standardized services not tailored to the family’s needs. While plenty of people believe in the flexibility of funding and letting communities support families in the way they need, action is not being taken. It is time to do better. 

“I am proud of the work the team has done to bring this issue to life. Thank you to the authors for sharing their thoughtful contributions and showing us a better way to support families in our communities.”

Stacey Moss, President of Public Knowledge® 

By elevating the voices of those with lived experience, this issue serves as a forum, calling for action, investing in community-based supports, and co-designed solutions that empower families.  

“For too long, the child welfare system has disproportionality impacted poor communities, particularly poor families of color. Shifting the power to families through a community-led design is what is going to make lasting, impactful change.”

David Kelly, Director of Family Integrity & Justice Works

Too many families have suffered due to ineffective, harmful, and traumatic practices of the child welfare system.  

“Simply adding community-based services to the existing child welfare framework and approach is not the answer.  Re-building the system around a community-based approach to supporting and nurturing families will help to provide them with resilience, hope, and justice.”

Jerry Milner, Director of Family Integrity & Justice Works

To aid in our efforts, Family Integrity and Justice Works at Public Knowledge® ask that you share the Family Integrity & Justice Quarterly with colleagues, friends, and family. Join the national fight for actionable change to give families the support they deserve. 


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