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Huong Tran Celebrates 20 Years at Public Knowledge® 

Our people are the heart of our firm, and we are excited to celebrate this significant milestone.

Public Knowledge® (PK) has the pleasure of working with the best and the brightest in a variety of industries. Huong Tran, Bookkeeper in our Accounting department, is responsible for managing timecards, expense claims, and invoicing. She works closely with all members of our firm to keep us financially on track with her decades of expertise.  

Huong Tran celebrates 20 years at PK

An Incredible Achievement 

“Time flies so fast, what a milestone! Huong, thank you for dedicating 20 years of your strong work ethic and professionalism to our organization. You have been with us through major growth, from CSF to SLI and now PK.” 

Donna Lutz, Gaming Labs International

Every person at Public Knowledge® plays an integral role in supporting our clients and each other.  

“You always go above and beyond to be helpful to fellow employees with their timecard and expense claim questions and are always accommodating to the unique invoicing needs for each project. We appreciate your loyalty and express heartfelt gratitude on this important work anniversary!” 

Donna Lutz, Gaming Labs International

Every Person Makes an Impact 

Our firm truly believes everyone at PK brings a unique skill set to the table. Every person embodies the PK Way through their teamwork, drive, and desire to make a positive impact—and Huong is no exception. We are honored to work with someone so dedicated and dependable.

“Having been privileged to work closely with her for the last two and a half years, I can tell you she is absolutely amazing! She approaches every challenge with a smile, and always finds an extra minute to ask how you’re doing, or how’s the dog, or whether there is anything she can do for you.  Even when she is scrambling toward a looming fiscal deadline, she always makes it seem she has all the time in the world to help someone.  Huong is a wonderful model of “The PK Way,” and it always makes my day when I get to talk with her.” 

Kelli Mahan, Operations Administrator

Dedicated to an Enriching Employment Experience 

We believe it is possible to come to work every day and enjoy what you do. That is why we are constantly striving to implement programs and benefits that are useful, rewarding, and prioritize health and wellbeing. This includes:  

  • Requiring employees to take two weeks of PTO a year
  • Providing premium access to the Calm app  
  • Paid time to volunteer through our PK Cares initiative
  • Dedicated budget for professional development 
  • Bi-annual team-building PK SPARK Summit 

Learn More About the PK Way 

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