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Develop Your Organization’s Intercultural Competence with the IDI Assessment

A valuable resource in developing equity-focused culture.

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is a tool used to measure a person’s ability to interact and communicate effectively with people from different cultures. Public Knowledge® management consultant Angela Torres is a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator. Meaning she can support organizations in building their intercultural competence. 

What is the IDI?

The IDI is a tool that helps individuals and groups understand how they respond to cultural differences. It measures both mindset and skillset, allowing people to understand better how they interact with those from different cultures. The results can show areas of success and areas that need improvement. Essentially, it helps people better interact with others from diverse backgrounds.

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How it Helps Build a Strong Organizational Culture

Actionable Results

Using quantitative and qualitative data, this assessment supports and guides appropriate actions for individuals and groups to build intercultural competence. Individuals receive a personalized self-directed Intercultural Development Plan guiding them through developmentally appropriate activities and self-reflections to enhance their intercultural competence.

A Resource for Understanding

The IDI assessment assists individuals or groups in comprehending the factors that affect their achievements and difficulties in various areas of diversity. It also guides how they can enhance their ability to manage these differences more efficiently.

Angela Can Now Administer the IDI

As a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator, Angela can offer this same transformative experience to our clients. As a powerful developmental tool used at PK, we can attest to its significance in helping to achieve our goals of furthering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Angeal Torres

About Angela

  • Over 22 years working with state Medicaid programs and projects which impact the program like coordination of benefits (COB), Medicare, payment integrity, project implementations, and system enhancements) 
  • Over 17 years of experience with contract management and oversight of contract operations, leading, coaching, and mentoring staff to ensure expert-level customer service and agreement fulfillment 
  • Strong communicator, presenter, and facilitator 

Our Commitment to an Equity-Focused Workplace

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