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Igniting Impact Podcast – Generating and Using Evidence to Drive Impact and Change – Season 2, Episode 13

President Stacey Moss unravels the power of evidence-driven impact along with child welfare experts Will Hornsby and Elizabeth Black. This episode shares why we do what we do and sets the stage for our podcast theme in 2024. We are on a mission to uncover what truly works and what does not, both internally and alongside our clients. But it is not just about knowing what works. It is about the relentless pursuit of understanding and refining our strategies.

We work to bridge the gap between major decisions and tangible evidence. Amidst the mass of data, what truly matters? Drawing from real-world examples and years of expertise, Will and Elizabeth offer practical solutions. We aim to help listeners navigate the sea of information and identify key metrics that drive meaningful change.

Generating and Using Evidence to Drive Impact and Change on the Igniting Impact Podcast by Public Knowledge®

Tapping into his experience in the Child and Family Service review process and his health journey, Will underscores the importance of having information. But data is not always enough. You must also ask the right questions, ensure the validity of findings, and empower stakeholders to take meaningful action. Elizabeth adds her perspective on distinguishing between data and actionable evidence, emphasizing the importance of analysis and transforming raw information into impactful insights. Join us as we explore the conversation of evidence and its role in shaping decisions and driving impactful outcomes. ‘

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Stacey Moss, President of Public Knowledge®, with Igniting Impact Podcast guests Elizabeth Black and Will Hornsby.
Igniting Impact Podcast guests Elizabeth Black and Will Hornsby of Public Knowledge®

About the Podcast

Launched in 2023, the Igniting Impact Podcast highlights our client’s and partner’s important work. We hope that this podcast drives impactful conversations that foster connections and progress in the field.  One of our core values at Public Knowledge® is Impact. We created this podcast around this fundamental principle because it is essential to our work. Impact to us means, “We approach every engagement with our energy focused on identifying the right goals, outcomes, and strategies. And we each have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on our projects and our world.”

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