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Igniting Impact Podcast – The PK Child Welfare Vision – Episode 10

This episode of the Igniting Impact Podcast explores the development and purpose of the Child Welfare Vision within the firm. Created by the Child Welfare Community of Practice, the vision aims to guide the firm’s work. It also addresses issues within the child welfare system and defines the desired direction. The podcast features guests Lamar Smith and Glenda McMillan discussing intentional efforts to shift mindsets toward child and family well-being, equitable support across industries, and investing in the whole family.

Key components of success include ending unnecessary separation and reframing how success is measured. The vision responds to needs such as addressing bureaucracy, providing clarity on functions, and humanizing human services with solution-focused language.

Quote from the podcast episode, "The PK Child Welfare Vision" from Glenda McMillan

Listen to the episode to learn more about how we prioritize lived expertise in our work. Lamar and Glenda share advice for agencies wanting to include this vital perspective in their work.

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